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At UrbanDine Supply, we understand the needs of restauranteurs. The average food service industry profit margins vary from 1-3%, and managing overhead cost presents a constant challenge. Between food cost, wages, taxes, and occupancy costs, the vitality of your business relies on the careful selection of every amenity provided to your customers. We know that finding the right products at the right price helps you avoid sacrificing the quality of service you offer to your patrons. This means forming relationships with suppliers who can give you the best products and service while maintaining extremely competitive pricing. Consistency of service is also extremely important. 60% of Millennials, who are among the most prevalent patrons of the food service industry, report that they expect consistent experience when dealing with any business in order to remain loyal customers. Skimping on the little details might save you money in the short term, but discerning customers will notice the drop in quality when they sit down for a meal or receive a delivery order.

Every impression which you make as a company can mean the difference between a recurring customer who recommends your restaurant to others and a dissatisfied patron who will have a negative impact on your professional image. From lavish fine dining establishments to casual haunts and food trucks, every restaurant manager must carefully weigh the cost of providing a memorable experience which visitors will remember fondly. Going the extra mile to make the right impression also means custom branding on every amenity you provide to your customers. Over 70% of marketers agree that branded items are more effective than advertising in a magazine, and brand-specific color choices increase customer recognition by up to 80%. This makes offering quality custom branded restaurant supplies to your customers the obvious choice for increasing their likelihood of remembering your restaurant.

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Quality Branded Restaurant Supplies for Less

UrbanDine Supply is committed to providing you with the same high quality branded products you currently use at a significant savings over your current providers, leveraging relationships with top suppliers to offer unprecedented discounts. Whether it’s high quality disposable utensils like chopsticks, handy cleanup items like napkins, durable and eye-catching graphic printed plastic or paper bags for mobile branding impressions, and even comfortable and dependable employee uniforms, you will find the right product at the right price. We offer volume discounts on larger orders, and offer storage and delivery for the amount of items you need on a monthly basis. We are so confident that we can help you meet your budget goals that we have made it our mission to save you 15% or more on the same branded supplies you know and trust.

Work with us to cut your costs today on a huge variety of branded restaurant supplies. We will save you more than 15% off of what you pay with your current restaurant supply company. Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable representatives and learn more about the difference UrbanDine Supply can make in the way you run your restaurant!

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