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Why You Should Give Branded Pens to Your Wait Staff

In an age where recording information consists of tapping away on a smartphone keyboard, scribbling something on a piece of paper gives off a twinge of nostalgia. Your restaurant’s branded pens transport guests back to the day of landline and rotary phones, of cathode ray tube televisions, and other things with pre-Internet era charm. Do you remember Bic Clic pens? Nearly everyone – businesspeople, teachers, students, lawyers – you name it, didn’t go anywhere without one of those in the mid-20th century.

Frequent diners often pride themselves in their growing restaurant pen collections. But this really comes as no surprise. As part of their branding strategy, many restaurants actually encourage guests to take pens after signing their meal check, along with other branded tchotchkes like restaurant postcards, matchbooks, and branded moist towelettes, among others.

In other news, pen usage in America is experiencing an upward trend. In the past year alone, pens generated $16.2 billion worldwide, with branded pens taking up a significant portion of that number. Also, about 50% of Americans own branded writing utensils.

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Leaving a Lasting Impression

Pens lend a personal touch to any dining experience. They’re the last thing a customer touches before they leave your restaurant. With the right design, they might even feel fancy. They’re an essential item when it comes to an effective restaurant branding strategy.

Branded pens are the most cost effective promotional product, with one of the lowest cost per impressions made. Customers always steal pens from the wait staff, it’s almost a rule. If a pen manages to stay in your restaurant to fight another day – that’s great, but when customer take your servers’ branded pens, these pens act as mobile advertisements.

Every time your patrons take out their branded pens to take down a phone number or jot down some notes, their friends, coworkers, or family will take notice of your restaurant’s unique logo design and branding. A restaurant’s target market is unique. In the age of social media and digital marketing catered towards the global economy, locally-owned restaurants aim to capture the attention of potential customers within a 15 to 20-mile radius, which is typically the distance diners are willing to travel for their next meal. With your branded pens circulating in the community, your restaurant’s name is sure to land on the lips of locals, increasing brand awareness and recognition for your establishment.

Designing Your Branded Pens with UrbanDine Supply

There are so many reasons to jump on the branded pen bandwagon – they’re extremely effective for advertising your brand, they’re cost-effective, and they’re convenient. Whether you’re looking to up your restaurant’s nostalgic appeal or branding strategy, custom pens are the perfect item for any type of eatery.

Branded pens are like the calling cards of today. To get yours, call (855) 872-2643 to speak with one our branding and design experts. We’re dedicated to helping you cut your costs with a huge variety of custom printed restaurant goods, from branded pens and toothpick packs to chopsticks and personalized napkins.

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