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A Traditional Table Companion

When your restaurant seeks to offer an authentic Asian dining experience, it’s hard to go wrong with custom printed chopsticks. When ordering Chinese, Japanese and even Thai food, your customers will expect to receive a pair of these iconic utensils. Even customers who are more accustomed to eating with a knife and fork will often give these nimble culinary tools a chance, just to test their hand and immerse themselves in the culture which created them.

Chopsticks have been a part of Asian culture for thousands of years, and evolved from humble beginnings as cooking and stirring implements. Their long slender handles were able to reach deep into pots of hot broth or oil, making them useful in stirring dishes and serving up hearty chunks of cooked meat and vegetables. With the arrival of Confucianism in China, chopsticks became a staple of the common meal, as their blunt ends were less reminiscent of China’s internal conflicts when compared to sharper cutlery. Before long, wooden or bamboo chopsticks were seen at the tables of every Chinese citizen, with more luxurious stone and metal versions gracing the place settings of more affluent diners.

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Custom Branded Chopsticks are Versatile Utensils Wrapped in a Decorative Sleeve

Today, wooden chopsticks are typical of most Asian dining establishments, with disposable versions offered with every meal when dining in or carrying out. In addition to reminding guests of the age-old traditions of Asian culinary culture, they still remain highly versatile during meals. For the skilled wielder, a set of chopsticks can nimbly grasp a variety of food items, from clumps of sticky white rice to large slices of meat and even crisp salads. Many health-conscious consumers even use chopsticks as a means to decrease the rate at which they consume meals, preferring the precision grasp of the chopstick over the more liberal scoop of a spoon or jab of a fork.

The earthy nature of chopsticks also offers a unique modern advantage in the form of positive environmental impact. Bamboo chopsticks are produced from sustainable crops, with the process of growing and harvesting bamboo occurring at a much higher rate than producing wood from trees on a similar scale. Bamboo is also extremely strong and resilient compared to common tree wood, and is more resistant to splintering or cracking during use, making it a practical and cost-effective choice for mass manufacturing of utensils. And, because both wood and bamboo are sustainable and biodegradable resources, your customers will be comfortable in the knowledge that disposable chopsticks will not harm the environment when they are discarded.

Whether offered as a dine-in, carry-out or delivery option, no set of wooden or bamboo chopsticks would be complete without the colorful sleeves they come packaged in. Often adorned with Asian writing and wishes of good fortune, these hygienic wrappers keep the sticks clean during storage while offering a personal greeting for your customers, as well as an opportunity to make a compelling brand statement. Custom printed chopsticks come with a huge variety of color and graphic treatment options, allowing you to place your restaurant logo, contact information, and even a playful and creative reminder of how your restaurant is there to serve your customers. The graphic choices you make can be complimentary with your other branded items, including restaurant signage, linens and delivery bags.

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