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Sleek Personalized Napkins with No Mess and No Fuss

Nobody sits down to a meal with the expectation of making a mess, but accidental spills will always be a part of the dining process. When dining missteps occur, your customers will appreciate your careful selection of the right napkin to fit the situation. By keeping a supply of paper napkins on hand, you’ll ensure that your table linens, bar surfaces and customer attire all remain safe and stain-free!

Napkins might seem like an obvious choice when it comes to restaurant supplies, but there are considerations to be made when it comes to what type to offer your customers. By keeping the hosted venue and food variety being offered in mind, you will be well prepared for whatever mishaps may arise.

One of the most common paper napkin varieties is the bulk packed luncheon napkin. Versatile and dependable, they are a perfect solution for quick-serve and cafeteria-style restaurants, outdoor catered events, and take out or delivery services. With generous coverage, they are useful for quickly soaking up large spills, and also make quick work of greasy hands after a rich meal of fried finger-food. When personalized napkins come in this high volume format, your brand will be sure to make its rounds among the fast food crowd.

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Options for Fine Dining and Special Events

For upscale occasions, you can offer your patrons a more sophisticated option with linen-feel napkins. These custom napkins are great for holiday parties and special catered events, making a more refined impression with fabric-look detailing and a softer feel when compared to conventional paper napkins. Thicker and more absorbent than napkins which are offered in bulk, this variety is the perfect option for diners and party guests who prefer the convenience of handling a single napkin which pulls double-duty. You will also appreciate the convenience of offering the style of a traditional cloth napkin without the hassle of laundering it after the meal is over. Personalized napkins with a linen-feel can be customized with a variety of styles and colors, and can also be embossed with elegant patters for a more unique or festive look, or with your restaurant logo to keep your brand looking sharp.

When cocktails are served, it’s always best to keep spillage in check. Whether your bar is an upscale and polished affair or a casual hangout, you’ll want to ensure the lifespan of your serving surfaces and the dryness of your patrons’ elbows with a custom cocktail napkin. These handy napkins feature two-ply construction to soak up condensation from beverage glasses and can enhance the mood of your bar area with a number of color options. You can even personalize cocktail napkins with your restaurant logo to make a strong impression with the late night crowd.

For juicier meals, you can provide your customers with an extra level of service by including sanitary wet napkins alongside food items which you know will be finger licking good. Wet napkins offer a convenient cleanup solution for delivery and takeout orders so that your customers can keep their hands neat without having to find a restroom, and come in a hygienic package which keeps them moist and germ-free. This package can include your restaurant logo to keep your brand visible to diners on the go.

UrbanDine Supply offers a large variety of specialized, personalized napkins for you to choose from, all of which can be decorated with eye catching graphics and logos. Whether you are operating a food truck or catering a wedding party, you will find a paper napkin which suits the needs of your patrons. Speak to a representative today to learn how we can save you 15% or more off of your current supplier.

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