Plastic Bags with Logo and GraphicsPlastic Bags with Logo and Graphics Create Mobile Branding Impressions

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Safeguard Food During Transit and Take Your Brand Along for the Ride

One item which is sure to wind up in the hands of your customers is a bag to handle their food transportation needs. Nearly every type of food service business offers takeout and delivery options, and when your orders are flying out the door, you don’t want to be short on custom plastic bags or sturdy paper bags to ferry your customers’ purchases home. Paper bags with printed graphics and plastic bags with logo options are the perfect way to get your restaurants branding into the public eye. Crowded city streets are the ideal venue for showing off your business to the masses, and will make an impression all the way from your restaurant to your customers tables.

Choosing the right custom printed bags is important to make sure that your customers needs are met, and it’s no coincidence that a huge variety of bags exists to fill unique roles. When it comes to bags, form follows function. If a bag does not perform for its role, then it’s time to make a change to a more specialized product.

Standard plastic bags are manufactured to be convenient and affordable options for carrying food items. Their utility and versatility have made them increasingly popular, with an estimated 1 trillion printed plastic bags being used annually worldwide. They are generally created by heat-bonding sections of polyethylene film which have been cut from large rolls, followed by the application of a graphic finish. Plastic bag printing is a huge business, and many companies offer deep discounts for high volume orders thanks to the efficiency of the production process.

There are two varieties of polyethylene bags, and each fills a niche role within the food service industry. High density polyethylene bags are thicker and more robust, and are composed of the same type of plastic used in the construction of bottles. This type of bag is more stretch and tear resistant, and allows for carrying heavier loads. Meanwhile, low density polyethylene bags can be used when a higher volume and lower cost are required, for instance in food truck and small goods applications. Both densities of polyethylene are recyclable, with the high density material being more easily processed.

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Plastic Bags with Logos and Graphics Get Your Brand on the Road

Plastic bags with logo and graphics options are a great way to get your business noticed, because unlike a business card or brochure, the bag will remain seen during its entire voyage from your restaurant to the homes of your customers. Many options are available for styling and decorating bags, including tinted plastic for different colors and high-coverage graphic applications for applying your logo and other creative visual elements.

Paper bags are another common choice, and can add a touch of refinement to your delivery and catering service. Constructed from a variety of paper stocks, these bags stand out among the crowd with the option to include thicker and more rigid materials which can be adorned with eye catching colors and high coverage graphics. For larger orders, many of these bags are outfitted with higher strength handles made from high density polyethylene or even fabric, giving them more strength and a unique feel. Many paper bags also feature an interior laminate to repel moisture and insulate hot or cold food items.

Paper and plastic bags with logo options are the perfect way to take your brand out on the town and make a potent statement about your restaurants presence in the public eye. They can carry your brand abroad, along with food and other dining accessories such as napkins, utensils and more. Speak to an UrbanDine Supply representative about how we can save you 15% or more on the price of your bags when compared to your current supplier.

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