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Let Your Guests Be Heard With Custom Restaurant Comment Cards

We live in an age of online reviews. Customers have the opportunity to leave reviews about anything from restaurants to medical services. These reviews can be used to your advantage, if you know how to showcase and play up your positive reviews as well as handle negative reviews properly. As a restaurant owner, it’s important to be able to make proactive changes before any negative reviews appear online.

Enter restaurant comment cards. In an age where most correspondences are digital, printed comment cards still make a strong impression. This method provides nostalgic appeal and is an effective way to receive feedback from your customers, ranging from rave reviews to critical feedback, and make proactive improvements to the dining experience you offer your guests.

Custom printed restaurant comment cards are an instrumental part of creating a quality dining experience for your customers. Not only do they show patrons that you care, they’re also an opportunity to show off your restaurant’s brand. Comment cards shouldn’t look boring! They should be artfully and carefully designed to reflect your restaurant’s professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Restaurant Comment Cards Promote Brand Exposure

If your comment cards are eye-catching, well-designed, and highly readable, you’ll leave a lasting impression on your customers. Usually, these cards arrive at the end of your guests’ meal, paperclipped to the back of their check. Restaurant comment cards are the last point of contact your patrons have with your establishment, and will serve as a thoughtful sendoff to punctuate their experience.

A boldly placed logo at the top of the card makes sure that your customers remember your restaurant’s name. With the widespread use of social media, some guests might even be inclined to take pictures of especially striking or beautifully designed comment cards and share them online.

Unlike other analog methods of communication, restaurant comment cards are not an outdated practice – the hospitality industry always benefits from a human touch and these feedback cards provide just that.

A Few Tips on Implementing Restaurant Comment Cards

To forge positive connections with your restaurant’s brand through comment cards, it’s important that your feedback cards go above and beyond. Luckily, we have a few pointers on how to create better comment cards.

Typical questions you’ll want to ask your customers include the following:

  • Rate your overall dining experience (1-5 stars)
  • Rate the quality of your meal
  • Rate the service you received
  • Is there anything we can do to improve your dining experience?

These questions aren’t necessarily bad, but are they memorable? Are they effective? Are they informative for you, the restaurant owner? Your restaurant comment cards should ask questions that find the balance between getting your customers to provide ample and specific feedback while keeping your questions concise and minimal. You need a clean card design with plenty of space for full and honest feedback, and your restaurant’s logo boldly visible.

Achieving this balance is crucial because you want to hear from the customers who might not leave reviews online. These are the customers whose feedback may fall in between the extremes of glowing reviews and feedback regarding negative experiences. These customers will provide you the insight you need to make proactive improvements to your restaurant. You might be surprised at what you hear. You might find comments concerning the décor of your bar or the way your chefs season signature dishes.

Restaurant Comment Cards That Work

The ideal feedback card incorporates a mixture of the following elements, tailored to suit your eatery:

  • An uncluttered, custom printed comment card design
  • Your restaurant's logo, big and bold
  • Brief, concise questions with plenty of space to answer them, such as:
    • Did we exceed your expectations?
      • How and why?
    • Can we reach out to you?
      • If so, please provide your contact info below.

Short, sweet, modern, and simple. Restaurant comment cards, when implemented correctly, can help you identify patterns in your customers’ comments, learn about their expectations for an ideal dining experience, and figure out how you can adapt to these factors.

We’ve emphasized the importance of having a feedback card that reflects the character of your restaurant. In regards to restaurant marketing, there are few things as valuable as customer comments and how patrons see your brand. Get started on your custom printed comment cards with UrbanDine! Call us at (855) 872-2634 to speak with one of our specialty printing experts. Even better, come visit us at our New York City office to see how you can benefit from our full-service printing expertise.

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