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Your restaurants image depends on the impressions made by your staff. When customers are greeted by a helpful and attentive host, waiter or chef, it gives them confidence in your product and makes them eager to be served. This type of service extends beyond how your staff behaves – it is also important that they come across as a team of specialists, and the uniforms which your staff are dressed in can become an integral part of your restaurants attitude.

It is important to select a staff uniform which both performs well and serves as a message about the way you do business. With a wide selection of styles, colors and special features, restaurant uniforms can be a potent selling point for any dining experience. You can distinguish your staff members with separate colors depending on their station, or unify the team with a single look. Why not give your head chef some extra panache with an elegant chef hat? The choices are limitless, and it’s up to you to decide what type uniform fits the mood of your restaurant.

In addition to helping your staff make a positive impression, restaurant uniforms serve a number of special functions. Designed to be both comfortable and durable, they are constructed from a blend of cotton and polyester fabrics which provide the perfect combination of easy wear and longevity. A good uniform will protect your staff’s street clothes while they are on the job, and allows for easy cleaning between shifts. Servers who are constantly on the move between hot kitchens and crowded dining areas will benefit from breathable moisture-wicking materials, and your patrons will appreciate the sanitary coverage of prep staff uniforms (because no one wants to find a hair in their food).

Restaurant Uniforms Restaurant Uniforms

Comfort, Style and Team Building

A popular uniform component is the high quality dress shirt. These sleek and dependable garments come in multiple sizes to accommodate your servers, and feature a button-down closure with a collar to accommodate a bow or long neck tie. Long neck ties can be custom printed with appealing graphics or your restaurant logo for an extra bit of flair and team spirit. Bow ties are adjustable and come pre-folded, allowing them to be tied and removed easily. This polished look will appeal to your patrons and reinforce a professional attitude among your servers and when decorated with your restaurant’s logo, provides a finishing touch of brand awareness.

For your kitchen staff, it is important to provide apparel which offers protection from common cooking hazards. Hot liquid, steam and open flames are a constant concern in any kitchen, and choosing the appropriate garments is a must. Above the waist, a high quality chefs uniform coat is the perfect option. These custom professional garments come in a variety of sleeve lengths to ensure the right combination of coverage, mobility and ventilation. Every option is made from a durable poly fabric which wicks away moisture and provides optimal air flow for premium comfort. If your restaurant features an open kitchen, these uniform components can speak volumes about the professional quality and rank of each member of your staff.

At UrbanDine Supply, we know that your restaurant is powered by its staff, and that their appearance and comfort is important for making the right impression. We offer high quality restaurant uniforms, with options ranging from shirts and pants to aprons and hats. Speak to a representative today to learn how we can save you 15% or more off the garments offered by your current supplier.

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