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Cut Your Costs on Restaurant Printing

Every restaurant needs effective print marketing. While the rise of online ordering has given customers a convenient option for finding and ordering food from your restaurant, the majority of your patrons will gain the most information from printed materials which are dispensed via mailing, canvassing and provision within the venue itself. With the importance and constant necessity of these printed materials in mind, they make an obvious choice for applying cost-cutting measures to lower your overhead.

Custom menu printing is in huge demand, as every single brick and mortar restaurant needs to effectively convey their food selection in hard copy format. Competition among vendors to print restaurant menu items is fierce, and you can take full advantage by seeking out the lowest possible price while still demanding top quality. At UrbanDine Supply, we leverage relationships with top suppliers to provide you with the same high-quality printed menus you currently use (or better) at a significantly reduced cost. We can arrange for volume-pricing on larger orders, and provide storage and delivery for the items you need on a monthly basis.

Offer a Rich Dining Experience with Custom Restaurant Printing

For your restaurant to be successful, you will need to tailor every aspect of the experience provided to your patrons. This means adding information and visual appeal throughout their visit and before they even reach the front door. You can spread the word about your restaurant with custom mailers including special offers, or send out invitations for catered events. For getting the word out in denser urban areas, flyers and leaflets can be placed in doorways and mailboxes for maximum local awareness.

For the exterior of your restaurant, restaurant banners are an eye-catching addition which can provide info about special offers and events and can include tantalizing full-color previews of the dishes you offer. A-frame stand up signs are also an excellent option for permanent outdoor displays hosting menus and other important info, and can be relied upon to withstand the elements for the life of your restaurant.

Once your patrons have begun their visit, you can attract their attention with custom table tents that advertise featured dishes and beverages. For diners and fast food establishments, custom printed table mats can showcase your food items or even local sponsors who have partnered with your restaurant for cross promotion. These items also aid in quick cleanup of your dining area, as they can be quickly replaced when spills occur.

Specialty Printing Specialty Printing

You menus offer a plethora of ever-changing options, particularly within the growing trend of bespoke, chef-curated offerings. Your restaurant will need to manage the cost of these items while maintaining an attractive look and feel. We offer a wide variety of paper and folding options for your menus, and provide waterproof coatings for restaurants whose fare includes more cleanup-intensive meals.

When your guests have feedback about their experience, a comment card can be the perfect means for making your staff aware of ways to provide enhanced service. These items can include an incentive for providing feedback in the form of a discount on future visits. Business cards are also essential takeaway items, serving as attractive reminders of an excellent dining experience which can be shared among satisfied patrons.

Restaurant printing services are essential for providing an appealing experience for your patrons. Guests who are greeted by informative printed materials receive an effective invitation to be a part of the unique dining experience you provide from the point at which they are making their dining decision to their remembrance of the occasion thereafter. Speak to one of the knowledgeable representatives at UrbanDine Supply today about how we can save you 15% or more off your current restaurant printing costs!

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