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A group of young women whose night has been made more exciting with bar promotional products.

Memorable Bar Promotional Products

“How do I get my name out into the community as a bar owner? I’ve tried using social media and my website to advertise my business, but I still can’t seem to attract crowds on a daily basis.”

Today, we’re taking everything back to basics. Recently, the world has been caught up in a frenzy over the effectiveness of online marketing. However, you first need to get the name of your bar onto the lips of the locals, and this comes through traditional marketing, it comes through posting leaflets in shop windows, and it comes through bar promotional products.

Despite the fact that everyone in the world is relatively unique, we also have something significant in common; we love getting free stuff. Whether it’s a free food sample in the supermarket, a free newspaper on the train, or a free gift from a business. For bars especially, promotional products are incredibly useful, and today we’re discussing the most memorable bar promotional products you could give as a bar owner!

Bar Promotional Products a Cut Above the Rest

Branded Quote Glasses

This year, it’s the year of the quote. On social media (especially Instagram), everybody loves a good quote, and we’re starting a society built on motivation and inspiration. Offering on-trend promotional glasses imprinted with an uplifting quote will catch the attention of your patrons and set your bar apart from the competition. With your bar’s logo or tagline printed on the glass too, this bar promotional item is a sure winner.

Not only is a branded quote glass relevant to your product and service niche, but it’s also something that your recipients will use regularly, and something they’ll actually treasure. As opposed to the standard pens and calendars, it feels more valuable, and it almost feels like a gift from your company.

A group of friends having fun with bar promotional products.

Offering unique bar promotional products is a great way to make your patrons’ bar outing more memorable. You want to give them a night out that’s worthy of a social media photo post, which will get their friends talking and generating buzz around your bar.

LED Bottle Holder

If your budget is small, we appreciate that you might not be able to give too many of these away, but they make for great giveaway prizes or special promotional raffle gifts, where the winner takes home your LED Bottle Holder.

For example, we recently saw one of these products with space for three bottles of beer. With a solid base, the LED lights shine up the casing of each holder and provide the customer with something they’re almost guaranteed to use when entertaining guests. If you sell bottles to-go too, this is a double benefit because they’ll buy something to fill it up. With your brand name and logo taking the centrepiece, it keeps your name in the forefront of minds.

Following Trends

Normally, the most memorable promo products come from companies who can act and react quickly and creatively. For example, we saw one bar giving away branded selfie sticks when they were at the height of their popularity. Considering these were (and are) affordable to produce, it allowed the bar’s logo to be out in the community whenever the owner took a photo with the stick attached. Of course, when people take a picture with a selfie stick, people look so this was a touch of genius.

More recently, a bar/restaurant was giving branded ‘fidget spinners’ to children. With a unique design, all the younger patrons and their friends wanted one, and suddenly, customers were taking trips to that particular bar to get their hands on the coveted hand spinners. If you follow trends closely, you can take advantage of the hot topics and the items nearly everyone wants to own.

Keyring Light

Simple, yet effective. Branded keyrings are a tried and true favorite but why not add a little pizzazz? A small button-activated light makes these keychains fun and functional. Whenever your customers return home late at night from their bar outing, they can turn on the little LED bulb to find their keys or see better in the dark.

Bottle Sock (Koozie)

Finally, whether for sports games or picnics with friends, cans and bottles of alcohol are always cooler staples. On a sunny day, however, your drinks may get warm too quickly – but we have a solution for that: the branded bottle socks you provided your patrons as one of your bar promotional products.

Once again, these nifty Koozies are superbly practical and allow beer and sports enthusiasts to keep their beverages cold wherever they go. If they’re in your bar, they’ve already shown an interest in drinking and providing them a useful gift is a great way to make these new customers into loyal repeat patrons.

Whichever idea you choose, remember to have your logo or name prominently displayed on your bar promotional products, so they become mobile advertisements for the world to see!

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