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High quality custom serving items such as these can be useful promotional products.

Best Bar and Restaurant Promotional Products

Any business which deals with foods and beverages can reap huge benefits by making use of promotional products which, in effect provide free advertising and marketing for the business. Many bars and restaurants have used this type of strategy for years, and have enjoyed increased patronage as well as greater loyalty from their customer base.

There are a number of ways that promotional products can be distributed as gifts to patrons, such as new patron giveaways, rewards for various patronage milestones, and in many cases, even outright sales to customers. While there’s no question that promotional products can be highly advantageous for your business, the trick is in choosing just the right types of items to promote your company. Here are a few possibilities you might consider for your business.


Coasters are a great idea for a promotional item because they’re inexpensive and practical for people who take them home. Everyone would like to see their tables and other furniture surfaces protected against glass and cup stains by having coasters placed on the tables, and elsewhere. You can have virtually any kind of message or logo printed on the coasters, and since they won’t cost you a lot of money, you can give them away to loyal patrons as a sign of your appreciation.


Koozies are another excellent giveaway for your bar or restaurant because they can be so useful to your patrons, especially those who enjoy the outdoors, and frequently invite friends over for barbecues and parties. Koozies are a great way of keeping beverages cold and providing a convenient grip on the bottle or can inside, so that the holder’s hand doesn’t have to directly contact the container itself, getting all wet and cold. The great thing about koozie giveaways is that every time your customer gets together with friends outdoors, or has a cookout in the neighborhood, all those people will get a glimpse of your company logo, and become potential new customers.


Anyone who’s ever been to a bar or restaurant will probably have noticed that it has customized glasses and/or mugs which are readily used by customers. This is especially true in establishments where local breweries ply their products because it’s very important to establish visibility for those local companies as a means of expanding their reach.

Many bars and restaurants will give away their customized glasses or mugs for this very reason, relying on customers to carry the message of their branding beyond the walls of the establishment itself. Some bars have offered their custom glasses to regular patrons for the purpose of retaining the glasses right there at the bar for the next time the customer returns – that personalized glass will be there waiting for them. This makes a closer connection for the patron to the bar and provides a secondary reason for coming back often.

Bar patrons toast with custom glassware, which is among the most appealing options for promotional products.

Custom glassware items are among the best promotional products to effectively promote your bar and restaurant.


One of the most popular giveaway items as well as sale items, are customized T-shirts which have your business logo printed on them, along with any other phrase which you care to use for the promotion of your business. This may be the single most popular promotional item used by any company, including bars and restaurants in the food and beverage industry.

Part of the reason for that is that most people just love having new clothes, and if it happens to be an item of clothing which promotes one of their favorite hangouts, so much the better. In addition to T-shirts, you might want to consider related items such as hoodies and sweatshirts, as well as baseball caps or wool hats for cooler weather. All of these items can help improve relationships with your customers and can provide you with a gold mine of free marketing and advertising.

Keychains, Bottle Openers, and Wine Openers Also Make Great Promotional Products for Your bar

These are all handy little items that your customers will appreciate having, because they are so practical, and can make things easier at home. Any promotional products which you can get your customers to take home with them give you the potential to reach a much wider audience than the patron himself/herself.

The only drawback to using one of these items as a giveaway is that you will be limited in the amount of available space you have for imprinting your company logo or message you wish to convey. If you can come up with a compact version of your branding message, however, all three of these can make excellent giveaway promotional products.

Wine bottle openers are excellent because most people will pop open a bottle of good wine when they’re sharing with visitors and guests, all of whom will have the opportunity to notice your business logo. Bottle openers have a similar function and value because the same friends and neighbors might be at a person’s house when cold beverages are being served, and the bottle tops have to be popped off.

Virtually every adult has need of a keychain for organizing all the keys which they have used during the course of a day, and while it might have limited exposure to a patron’s circle of friends, it will at least remind your customers themselves of the generous establishment which provided the keychain.

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