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Beer Glasses As Marketing Tools

Promoting your bar or alehouse with beer glasses is unquestionably one of the best ways to advertise your establishment, and to gain some increased visibility in the local community. Everyone who comes to your bar is automatically going to need and want a beer glass unless they’re strictly a wine or cocktail drinker.

That gives you a pretty broad audience to have on your side, helping you to promote your business just by using a customized beer glass that you have made up for a promotion. Even if you’re selling these to patrons rather than giving them away, they will probably fly off the shelves, especially if you can come up with a design that appeals. You can also have some creative thinker in the house come up with a witty saying – a catchy little phrase like this can spread through a community like a brush fire, and your business will be the happy beneficiary of all those flames.

Beer Glasses’ Design/Usage Suggestions

However, there are a few do’s and don’ts about designing your custom beer glasses, and for distribution of them to patrons, and some of these lessons have been painfully learned by enthusiastic bar owners who overlooked some of the practical aspects of design and usage. Here are a few suggestions to be mindful of:

  • Location, location, location: This isn’t exactly a reference to the famous real estate truism, but the area on the glass of your logo, company name, or message is crucial all the same. Whatever you have imprinted on the glass, it should probably be near the top, where it is most visible.
  • Be aware of background: Keep in mind that most of the time, a beer glass will be viewed by observers while it is in some state of fullness, i.e., there will be some beer in the glass, so it won’t be transparent. With beer in the glass, it’s better to have light-colored text and other colors so that they can be seen against the darker beer-colored background. Dark text and colors against a beer background might become nearly invisible.
  • Multiple coloring: This is another important idea, with the point being that various colors will show up a lot better than a monochrome presentation, and since the whole idea is for your message to be seen, you should maximize the clarity of the display.
  • Don’t think small: Make sure that whatever you’ve chosen to imprint on your promotional beer glasses, it’s big enough to be seen by people who may be further away. If the only people who can see the design are those who are shoulder to shoulder with the drinker, the effective ‘range’ of the glass will be diminished.
  • Regular patron glasses: One really popular promotion is to sell a promotional beer glass to patrons, and have it maintained right there at the bar, in a special rack for all other visitors to see. Whenever the owner returns for a pleasant evening, he/she can use his/her personalized glass, which you’ve inscribed their name on. In between times though, those personalized glasses are sitting up near the bar prominently, inviting curiosity and potential interest in purchases.
  • Happy hour specials: Happy hour traffic is a great time to run a special where you sell promotional beer glasses at half price and get them into the hands of patrons who will then do your advertising for you, with glasses bearing your establishment name or logo.
  • Tall glasses: Tall glasses, or beer glasses which are in some way unique in appearance, can set off a massive wave of interest in the community, purely for the sake of their novelty. At least for a while, everyone will want one of these, if you can hit on a design which captures the imagination of your beer-drinking clientele. This may cost you a little more of course since these glasses will have to be custom-made as well as custom-imprinted, but the return on investment just might make it worthwhile.

Other Ideas

The full range of promotional ideas you might use for your customized beer glasses is endless of course, but that’s one of the great things about advertising with beer glasses. For instance, you might want to provide beer glasses for a wedding reception, knowing that hundreds of attendees will be there to get a good look at your handiwork, while also remembering the name of your establishment. Any ideas like this are great ideas for getting your glasses, and your company’s name out in the public eye.

If you have an artist in your bar or alehouse, he/she might be a good choice for developing a design which is memorable and appealing. If not, you can work with the design specialists at your chosen beer glass customization company to ensure that you have it done exactly the way you want it.

No matter how you do it though, the main idea is to have an advantageous design created, and have it displayed clearly and prominently on the glass. Then if you can dream up events and other ways to get your patrons buying and using these custom beer glasses, you’ll have some wonderfully effective advertising, for a long period.

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