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Two mojito cocktails with branded swizzle sticks.

Branded Swizzle Sticks: The Ultimate Promotional Bar Item

In today’s world, there are many ways of marketing your business and boosting awareness in the community. However, few can compete with the brand awareness and recognition a memorable logo offers. Consistent branding across all of your bar products and signage leaves a lasting impression in your customer’s minds. An effective logo and branding strategy can evoke emotion, invite opinions, and leave a mark on its viewers. That being said, branded swizzle sticks might just be the best promotional product you’ll find if you own a bar. Not only is the swizzle stick useful, but it also promotes your brand in a way that’s linked to your product niche. As long as the swizzle sticks are high quality, these little tchotchkes will add much more to your cocktails than just something to stir them with.

The Benefits of Branded Swizzle Sticks

They’re a Throwback

Every day, brick and mortar businesses are becoming a little more obsolete as commerce and communication shift to online platforms. Many customers want to go back to the ‘good old days’ where businesses were happy to talk in person or even on the phone, rather than speak through a computer via ‘live chat’ or a pre-recorded message. With swizzle sticks, you bring this physical element back to your bar business, and customers are going to appreciate it.

They’re Useful

As mentioned previously, swizzle sticks serve a vital purpose. When your guests take them home, swizzle sticks serve as constant reminder of the good time they had at your bar. Rather than forgetting you exist after the first visit, customers will be able to see your logo regularly until it becomes familiar. Whenever these customers host a cocktail party or a dinner with friends, your bar receives brand exposure.

Perceived Extra Value

Whenever customers get items for free, they feel as though your service offers even more value. In addition to the positive experience they’ve had in your bar, the perceived value for money spent increases since they received something more from their experience – something tangible to take home as opposed to a rather persistent hangover in the morning.

Even when they pocket the branded swizzle stick, the perceived value still increases while at the bar because they’re given a high-quality stick to stir their cocktail as opposed to a cheap plastic stick. Instantly, it feels like a luxury bar without the extortionate prices –
And instantly, as a bar owner, you’ve ‘found the balance.’

They’re Affordable

Compared to some promotional products, branded swizzle sticks are an affordable item, so you don’t have to worry about massive investments. As soon as a few people have revisited thanks to the promotional item, your investment has made a return and you can be happy with your efforts.

Flamingo branded swizzle sticks.

A creatively designed swizzle stick is Instagram-worthy – customer photos of your bar’s cocktails with branded swizzle sticks and your own promotional photos are an easy way to increase your bar’s organic brand growth.

Social Media-Friendly

Have you got friends that take pictures of their drinks everywhere you go? Suddenly, our social media feeds are full to the brim of cocktail glasses and stylish meals. Well, guess what? When your guests take a picture, your swizzle stick and logo will be in the frame too. Sometimes, asking customers to ‘check-in’ can feel a little awkward, so this is just as good. When friends see the picture, they’ll ask in the comments where the picture was taken or even recognize the logo themselves, attracting new customers and keeping existing patrons coming back for more.

Other Uses for Branded Swizzle Sticks

As you can see, branded swizzle sticks have numerous benefits in your bar, but the advantages don’t end there. In fact, you can use them in multiple locations when you bartend for special events, corporate events, trade shows, and even weddings (if you host an open bar), and many other venues. Wherever you take your brand, the swizzle stick can be a part of it. You can even adjust the design to suit the event or occasion.

Every single time your brand grows, your branded swizzle stick is symbolic of your logo’s success. Whenever you post a video on social media, whenever you do something helpful in the community, and whenever people take notice of your bar’s advertisements, your brand gets stronger and your logo is the symbol that holds this growth.

If you’re looking for a promotional item for your bar this year, we highly recommend the branded swizzle stick. For an affordable price, it’ll quickly return your investment (and more) in the years ahead.

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