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Include a Coaster in Your Marketing Strategy

Promotional coasters are a great way of using something straightforward and obvious to advertise your bar or restaurant business, and they’re one of the most cost-effective ideas you could have for the purpose. Beer glasses and mugs are good choices as well, but you may already have thought of those, and are using them currently. However, if you’ve decided that mugs or glasses are a bit pricey for your advertising budget, the coaster idea may be more to your liking.

Any owner or manager of an eating or drinking establishment will probably be aware of the obvious uses for promotional coasters, but there might be some that you haven’t yet thought of, or haven’t given any serious consideration. These additional ideas below might be something worth trying, and they might also be a good fit for your particular business.

If nothing else, maybe some of the suggestions below will trigger a more original thought in your mind, and you can then come up with something completely tailored to your business, and your promotional needs.

Double-Sided Coaster

There’s nothing that says a coaster should only be imprinted on one side with a logo or design that promotes your establishment to customers. If you feel like you have more than one primary message that you would like to convey to your patrons, this is one way you could accomplish that, and the cost would only be slightly more than if you had imprinted a single side.

Most patrons during an evening will pick up a coaster at least once, just out of habit or curiosity, to see what’s on the other side – and that’s when you can hit them with your ‘Side B’ message.

Moisture-Activated Coaster

Some coasters can be made so that when moisture touches the surface, an alternate message is shown, and this can be a follow-up to the original message, or something entirely different. For instance, if your original coaster message was something like “Wouldn’t you like a cold frosty one right now?”, once the patron starts drinking and the coaster becomes wet, it might have a new message which says, “Why not have a juicy hamburger and fries from our kitchen?”.

Since most patrons will get hungry anyway after a few beers, this could be a very timely message, and it might strike the patron as very appealing and appropriate. It will also help to promote the food service part of your business and get your patrons thinking about what you have to offer. As an added benefit, getting some food in a patron’s stomach will also help absorb some of the beer, and make them a little less tipsy when it comes time to navigate homeward.

The Company That Cares

You could gain a lot of respect and good will for your eating and drinking establishment if you were to use either the double-sided coaster or the moisture-activated coaster, to have one of those messages display a message about drinking and driving safety. As an example, if the first message encouraged patrons to buy a cold drink, the second one could be a reminder that drinking and driving don’t go together very well.

By portraying your establishment as one that sincerely cares about the welfare of its patrons, you could be garnering a lot of favorable impressions, in addition to the reputation you already have for your great food and drink. The safety message might also serve as a sudden reminder to a patron who has had several drinks: it’s time to draw the line for the sake of making it home safely.

Fancy Customized Coaster

If you really want to go all out on the coaster promotional idea, you can have some coasters made up from more permanent materials than the usual pressed wood and cardboard products. For instance, you could have some made up of glass, stone, or laminate materials, and have all of these bear some kind of simple design like a company logo, or the initials of your company name.

These would be a lasting symbol of your eating and drinking establishment, and they might even be items that devoted patrons would want to purchase and take home with them. Once you have clientele taking home your classy, customized coasters, others will have the opportunity to see them, and perhaps become interested in checking out your business. These permanent coasters might hit your budget a little more, but the benefits of potential new customers and increased loyalty from current ones would make all that worthwhile.

Does it Work?

Research on the subject has shown that 66% of the people who read messages on a coaster at a restaurant or bar, remember the message even after the evening is over. That’s a pretty good percentage of people for any advertising medium you could choose, and it’s probably better than most other forms of advertising. So, whatever it is that you want your clientele to remember about your establishment, put it on a coaster, and let human nature do the rest.

You might even be able to improve on those statistics, just by coming up with a very catchy design that sticks in the minds of your patrons and makes the message even more memorable.

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