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Note to Every Coffeehouse: Promote Your Coffee!

There’s no doubt about it, Americans love their coffee. Statistics show that more than 54% of all Americans above the age of 18 drink coffee every day, and that among these coffee drinkers, the average consumption level is 3.1 cups per person, averaging 9 ounces per cup. A typical coffee drinker in this country will typically spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $165 per year to enjoy the privilege of imbibing his/her favorite drink.

The total amount of money spent on importing coffee from various countries around the world into the United States is slightly over $4 billion annually as of the beginning of 2018, and there’s no reason to expect that this figure will diminish anytime soon. The inescapable fact is that Americans love the aromatic, satisfying warm drink.

Convert Coffee Popularity into Business Success

These impressive statistics serve to underscore the fact that coffee’s popularity is still soaring in this country, and if anything, might still be on the increase. If you happen to be the owner of a coffeehouse or any establishment where coffee is one of the leading attractions, this is an ideal time for you to promote your products and services with many products which can circulate throughout your local community.

The fact that coffee has become so popular in virtually every town in the country, also means that there exists intense competition among individual coffeehouses and franchise coffeehouses for consumer attention. While there is undoubtedly enough consumer interest to go around and to keep all these coffee houses in business, it’s understandable that most business owners will want the lion’s share of consumer dollars filtering through their doors.

To secure as much visibility for your establishment as possible, you should be taking advantage of one of today’s great marketing and advertising opportunities available to you. By having some promotional products prepared, which feature your restaurant name and logo, or other valuable information like a phone number or website, you have a great chance of getting the word out to a considerable amount of community residents.

Some Coffeehouse Promotional Ideas

One of the most beneficial things about preparing promotional products for distribution to patrons and employees in your establishment is that all these people become walking advertisements for your coffeehouse. In addition to that, each one of them leaves with a good feeling about having acquired a handy item that they can use in their day-to-day lives.

Some of the best advertising products you could use are T-shirts, which have a significant printing area, so you can display almost anything you want about your particular coffeehouse. Wherever the owner of this T-shirt walks, he/she will be seen by any number of other residents, and at least some of them will take note of the information displayed on the T-shirt. This is especially true if the design is catchy or appealing in some way so that it naturally attracts the eye and invites the observer to pay closer attention.

Another excellent promotional idea in this line is a tote bag, and for almost all the same reasons that T-shirts can be so useful. Tote bags are also big enough that they can display almost any information about your coffeehouse, and again, any smart design or appealing color scheme is sure to attract attention. One area that they might be even more effective at, as opposed to T-shirts, is that they can be carried around every day of the week by an owner, whereas a T-shirt will probably be in the laundry bag after a single usage.

Customized hats such as baseball hats and beachcomber hats can be extremely useful in promoting your business as well, although you have less print area to work with. This might call for an even more ingenious design strategy, which promotes your business effectively, while taking up very little space. Hats can also be worn every day by an owner, and that translates to increased visibility for your business.

You can also have customized coffee mugs made, or promotional coffee sleeves, and maybe even some hand-made soaps or fragrances that all remind the user of your coffeehouse.

Let Promotional Products Sell your Coffeehouse

Some products can be a tough sell, and it takes a very persuasive salesperson to pitch the product without turning off the target audience, but in the case of coffee, there’s virtually no sales pitch needed. There are of course some people who have never tried it and refuse to do so, but these people are in the minority.

The majority of Americans not only drink coffee, but it’s no exaggeration to say they’re in love with this delicious beverage, and would be severely offended if they were parted for any reason from their adored morning drink.

This is a fact that every coffeehouse owner is probably aware of, and that makes it relatively easy to provide promotional products that regular coffee drinkers will purchase, or which in some cases you can give away, to increase visibility for your business. You won’t even have to do much of a selling job – just get these coffeehouse promotional products into the hands of your devoted customers, and they’ll do all the work for you.

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