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A set of colorful custom candy items are ready to be imprinted with a company logo.

Custom Candy Promotions

Since June is National Candy Month, this would be a great time for you to couple a promotion for your business with the declared national celebration of sweet confections. There are literally a ton of ways you could use custom candy to gain visibility for your business, such as having custom jellybeans made, wrapping chocolate bars in wrappers that have your company name and logo on them, or having all-day suckers made up with plastic wrapping that contains your branding information.

People of every age enjoy a sweet treat like this, and that makes your potential audience virtually limitless, excepting only those people who are obliged to avoid confections for some reason. There’s a built-in positive association between a sweet treat and your company, and when you put any information related to your company on the packaging, that immediately builds positive relationships between your business and all the recipients of your promotional giveaway treats.

Statistics tell us that the average American consumes approximately 24 to 25 pounds of candy annually, and since this is the case, you might as well provide them with something they’re going to eat anyway, presented in a package which bears your company name.

There is any number of ways that you can distribute the sweet treat of your choice into as many hands as possible, and some ideas are listed below to help get you started. Once you see how effective the advertising campaign can be, you’ll undoubtedly want to come up with some of your own ideas, so that you can extend the concept to be even more successful.

Custom Lollipops

Everyone enjoys a sweet, tasty lollipop because they’re one of the treats that have been with us since we were all children. Maybe some people grow out of the habit at some point, but when you present them with the opportunity to re-engage with a tasty treat from childhood, almost everyone will jump right back on the bandwagon, and take the opportunity to turn back the clock. While they’re all reliving their childhood, you can remind them of what a great company you have on the packaging of this custom candy item.

Promotional Jellybeans

You probably don’t want to try to affix your company name or logo to an actual jellybean, but there are still ways that you can get your company name in front of your jellybean consumers. One way would be to fill jars or fishbowl containers with these sweet little chewable confections and then apply your logo or company motto to the exterior of the container itself. These can be placed all around the office place for your employees to enjoy, or you can make smaller versions of the same containers, and then distribute them to patrons.

Custom M&Ms

You’re not going to want to change the M&M logo, but the packaging they come in can definitely be customized to include your branding information, your company logo, and any short little phrase that you care to convey to your target audience. The whole world loves M&Ms, so however you make these available to patrons and employees, they are sure to be well received – and that means your company will be just as well received.

Promotional Cotton Candy

The plastic wrapping that comes around cotton candy is ideal for being printed up with your company name or logo and then distributed to literally everyone you can reach. Another subtle little impact of cotton candy giveaways is that they remind everyone of carnivals and county fairs, both of which are very pleasant experiences which almost everyone loves doing in the summertime. When you can make this kind of positive connection between the product and your business, you create a positive image in the mind of your consumers.

Cotton candy like the variety pictured here can make a fun and tasty promotional candy choice.

Custom cotton candy makes a unique and fluffy promotional candy item when paired with a branded wrapper featuring your company’s logo.

Custom Gummy Bears

Almost everyone from kids up to young adults and even seniors love the chewy, munchy experience of eating gummy bears. You can also choose fruit flavors that will add to their appeal and make people enjoy the experience even more. The gummy bears that you distribute to office workers can be in containers placed at strategic locations like the water cooler, and if you are giving them away to patrons, you can simply package these custom candy items in small cellophane bags. No matter how you get them into the hands of your appreciative public, it will help to make the connection between the enjoyable gummy bear-eating experience and your company.

Custom Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars are one of the things that you can actually have made up with your company logo on them because the fluid chocolate has to be poured into some kind of a mold which gives it form. There’s no reason why that mold couldn’t include a logo design which conjures up images of your company and makes the consumer think of your business every time a bite is taken.

Promotional Chocolate Sunflower Seeds – an Unusual Custom Candy

This promotional treat is a little off the beaten path because it’s certainly not one of the most common sweet treats found in stores, or anywhere else for that matter. But a great many people do love them, and if you make packages of these custom candy items available to your patrons and the office people who work for your company, you will be sure to garner a positive image for your company. Chocolate sunflower seeds can have many different kinds of colored coatings, so as to provide a very appealing visual attraction to consumers, and you can even choose which colors you’d like to have made up for your own National Candy Month treats.

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