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A variety of custom drinkware options lined up: shot glasses, martini glasses, and wine glasses.

Custom Drinkware and Barware: Let’s Drink To That

Managing a successful and profitable bar can be tricky, not to mention managing and effective marketing and advertising strategy for your bar’s brand. Like any other business, it’s crucial that your bar reaches its target market. Having that kind of reach is a challenge that every bar owner faces, and in some cases, it calls for real creativity to get the message out about your establishment, so that you can thrive and turn a profit. One of the best ways of promoting your bar business is to use custom drinkware and barware to advertise and reinforce your branding and create enough interest around it to beat out the competition.

The Bar Owner’s Challenge

No matter where your establishment is located, whether you’re catering to locals or a more metropolitan customer base, you have precisely the same goals as a bar owner. You have to create an enjoyable and cohesive bar experience, and then give them a reason to become loyal and repeat customers.

Of course, it’s always great to have casual visitors who might drop in simply because they’re nearby, but the real business you should be after is the repeat business and the patrons who become regulars at your bar. To accomplish this, the best strategy you can employ is to create a brand for your bar with a recognizable logo and then familiarize your local community with your branding.

One of the best ways to get visibility for your company logo and your establishment is by making extensive use of custom drinkware and barware. Many bar owners have already employed this strategy with great success, because it doesn’t really call for any sales pitch or promotion on your part – all you have to do is make the items available, and let your patrons do the advertising for you.

Custom drinkware in the form of wine glasses hanging from a rack.

Custom drinkware not only helps with brand exposure but also adds a class touch, unifying your bar’s feel and aesthetic appeal.

Why Custom Drinkware and Barware?

First of all, there is the recognition factor. By having your bar logo imprinted on all drinkware and barware, you are generating an image that will stay in the minds of your customers, and have them thinking of your establishment first whenever they’re in the mood to go out.

To extend the idea, you should make all that custom drinkware and barware available for purchase at your establishment, because it works much to your advantage to have all those items leave the bar, and go out into the community. Once those beer glasses, wine glasses, shot glasses, and other branded items start circulating throughout your customer base and beyond, more and more people will begin to think of your establishment as the place to go for an evening’s entertainment.

You can even have your street address, your website address, or contact information imprinted on the sides so that you can increase the likelihood of people finding their way to your bar, or contacting you with queries. You might even get lucky and have these kinds of souvenirs become something of a collector’s item around town so that a wave of popularity is generated locally, with your bar being the happy beneficiary of all that visibility.

Some Barware Possibilities

There are a great many ways that you can get your message out to the general public using custom drinkware and barware, and you can get creative if you like, or classy if you’re hoping to bring in a more sophisticated crowd.

You can have clear or colored plastic beer mugs made up, or solid glass beer steins for a more permanent kind of drinking vessel. Coffee mugs and tumblers can also make excellent souvenirs for your patrons, and they can become items purchased for personal use, or can be gifted to friends.

Mason jars and unbreakable PVC mugs are other ideas that you might want to use to promote your business, and if you’d like to try some fancier possibilities, you might go with champagne glasses or hurricane glasses. Shot glasses and tumblers are other choices you might make, but no matter which kinds of drinkware you choose to have printed with your bar information, all of it has the potential of significantly increasing your business and your reach in the community.

Using custom drinkware and barware to promote your bar business can be extremely affordable, as well as one of the very most effective ways of reaching out to potential patrons in your area.

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