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A restaurant patron selects a decadent chocolate dessert which is an excellent example of promotional logo foods.

Promotional Logo Foods to Promote Your Restaurant

If you haven’t heard of them before, promotional logo foods are treats which are packaged in a cardboard box or a tin, or possibly even a plastic tower loaded with goodies, and either given away as gifts to customers or sold at a greatly discounted price. Promotional logo foods are one of the best ideas for marketing and advertising because almost no one will ever turn down a delicious tin of cookies, a packaged of brownies with nuts or a box of chocolates.

When your company logo and name is emblazoned on the front of that packaging, it’s a great way to associate your company with the very pleasant notion of eating a tasty treat. This creates a psychological connection between something desirable and your company, and that’s always a good connection to make.

It can be an even better idea if you make the box or in something which is a durable, high-quality content that can have many uses around the home, beyond holding your promotional food. The tin with your company logo on it just might end up on someone’s bookshelf as a conversation piece for anyone entering the home to see, and then they might also notice the unusual company logo sitting there in plain view. Here are some other reasons why giveaways or sales of promotional logo foods having can be a tremendous advantage for your company, in terms of advertising and marketing.

Logo Foods Have Broad Appeal

Almost anything you’d care to package in your company container is going to have a certain amount of appeal to a wide audience, and if you make it something really delicious, almost everyone is going to want to get in on the action. Chocolates, gourmet cookies, mixed nuts, exotic candies – all these and more are some great possibilities for filling up containers with your company logo on them and distributing them to patrons of your business, or anyone else within your reach.

Regardless of the age of the recipient, he/she will likely be quite receptive to having gotten a sweet treat at no cost, and the word-of-mouth will start building as recipients talk up your generosity, as well as the delicious taste of your gift. There’s also the novelty aspect of it which provides an appeal since this is not exactly a marketing strategy used by hundreds or thousands of companies.

If you can put a delicious treat in the hands of your customers, it’s sure to appeal to their finer sensibilities. One great place to start with this generosity is your own office employees – they will surely love the tasty treats they’re given, and they can become very efficient advertising on your behalf, just like patrons or anyone else.

Logo Foods are Great for Apologies

If you have somehow failed to meet your customers’ expectations, for instance, if you are late delivering a shipment of product, a tower of cookies would make a great apology and would show the client how sincere you are about doing better next time. It’s a good idea to have several different kinds of promotional food items on hand to handle situations like these, as well as any other times when you’re trying to cultivate a good opinion of your company among business associates or partners.

An elegant box of chocolate covered pretzels with a gold ribbon is a sensual logo food that won't soon be forgotten.

Boxes of chocolates and candies create a sensual experience that leaves a psychological connection to your restaurant in the minds of your patrons.

Logo Foods Bring People Together

It’s very common to see a tin of gourmet cookies being shared by everyone in the office place, and the same thing happens when someone takes a box of chocolates home – they get distributed to anyone walking into the house for the next week or so. The great thing about that is, there are a lot more people who come into contact with your company logo and branding, so they can associate a wonderful treat with your company. The fact that sweet treats attract people like magnets all works to your company’s advantage, and it helps you to gain more visibility.

Affordability of Promotional Logo foods

Distributing promotional logo foods is one of the most affordable marketing strategies you can possibly devise unless you go for super-gourmet foods and collector-quality packaging (although, as mentioned above, this super quality giveaway can have its own effective appeal with longevity). There are so many levels that you can use this strategy at, that it allows you to literally choose your budgeting to fit the volume of the campaign you have in mind. Whether you’re just giving out chocolate bars with your company name on the wrapper, or the finest gourmet Christmas cookies, you can bet that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get your message out.

Tasty Logo Foods are a Sensual Experience

With a really good tower of cookies or a tin of brownies, all the recipient’s senses come into play – smell, taste, touch, seeing, and even hearing the enjoyable munch of the treat. All those positive sensual elements contribute to the recipient’s enjoyment and satisfaction with the product, and those are all very positive experiences which are associated with your company and your brand. The more people you can get to have this kind of positive association between your company and a promotional logo food, the more people you will have with greater loyalty to your company, and who will provide greater lip service about how terrific your company is.

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