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A collection of small american-made flags and other domestic products are a great way to evoke a sense of patriotism among your customers.

Purchasing American-Made Promotional Products

There are a number of reasons why you should purchase your promotional products domestically, rather than from an overseas manufacturer. Apart from the obvious loyalty and preference to American-made businesses, there are some other practical considerations which you should keep in mind when you’re thinking about where to source the promotional items you use to raise awareness about your business.

Now is a particularly good time to do a little research, and find a domestic manufacturer for your promotional items, since the solid grip which foreign manufacturers have enjoyed for years, is relaxing a bit, and that will give domestic companies an opportunity to shine. Here are some ideas that you should keep in mind when ordering your promotional giveaway items, with regard to target audiences, details to consider about your giveaway items, and even about the packaging which should be used on your promotions.

Made in America

This short little phrase says an awful lot, and it can have a powerful impact on the minds of many people, so when your promotional products have been stamped with the ‘Made in America’ sign, it can automatically evoke feelings of nationalism and patriotism for the great country we all live in. When you’re ordering promotional items, seek out those which have been entirely made in this country, and which are stamped with the designation that declares it.

Recipients of your promotional items will notice this stamping, and most will not only take pride in the feelings it elicits, but they will associate those feelings with the promotional item itself and with the business which has provided it. The fact that all parts of the product itself must have been made in America, is something that everyone can favorably relate to.

Promotional Giveaway Deadlines

One of the more appealing and business-critical aspects of ordering from domestic manufacturers is that you don’t have to worry about any transportation issues which might arise from overseas shipping. If you’re trying to time your promotional giveaways with a specific date such as a grand opening or the launch of new products, you simply must have your promotional giveaway items on a specific date.

By establishing business relationships with domestic manufacturers, any hang-ups of product going through customs, or being held up in international ports can be avoided. Domestic transportation methods are extremely reliable, and if need be, you can even pay little extra to have expedited shipping by any date of your choosing. With no shipping problems to be concerned about, your deadline date can easily be met.

Customize it Domestically

Very often in the past, when promotional items had to be customized heavily, it was a process that would be outsourced overseas, because labor costs could only be effectively and economically managed by foreign manufacturers. While that has not been entirely overcome, there are now a lot more domestic manufacturers who are able to provide heavily customized products for promotional giveaways than there were in the past.

Advanced manufacturing techniques and methods, which have reduced cost without sacrificing quality, have now made it possible to produce even the most heavily customized items domestically, at prices which can match and sometimes exceed the low costs offered by foreign manufacturers.

Built-in Product Safety

While safety might not be one of the first considerations that come to mind about producing promotional giveaway items, it’s something that simply cannot be ignored. The last thing you want is for any future patron of your business to be injured by a promotional giveaway item that you have put in their hands. That makes it important for you to buy promotional products which have been thoroughly tested for safety, according to domestic standards which have been put in place to protect consumers, and which can thus be relied upon.

A 'Made in USA' tag on a t-shirt is a sign to your customer that the product is not only American made but is also of high quality.

The coveted ‘Made in USA’ tag is a sign that your promotional product is american made of high quality and american made.

Everyone Loves American-made Products

In addition to the source of pride that domestic products impart to the recipients who’ve been given them, high quality is another aspect of American-made items which really appeals to people. Beyond the quality advantage, some groups of people are almost obliged to use American-made products because of the image it presents to others.

This makes it advantageous for you to distribute your domestic products to such groups as politicians, government personnel, policemen, firemen, and others because it would be embarrassing for them to patronize foreign-made products in their positions. As some of the first recipients of your promotional items, it would be a good idea to target these groups, so they can then become advocates for the products, and for whatever business you’re trying to promote.

Pay Attention to Packaging

With all the focus on domestically-made products and giveaway items, don’t overlook the packaging which your promotional giveaway items come in. Any packing packaging materials used should also be domestically made, so that you’re sure safe inks and materials are being used, and so the packaging itself can be used as a further promotion of your business.

Whatever you are planning to use as a promotional giveaway item, make sure it’s 100% American-made and 100% American packaged, so people who receive these items can have a favorable impression of the item itself, and of the business, you are promoting.

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