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An array of blank object that can be custom imprinted with your restaurant's logo, as part of an effective restaurant marketing strategy.

Why Promo Products are Powerful Restaurant Marketing Tools

Wherever you look in the world, there’s always some form of marketing taking place. Whether it’s the ads in a newspaper or ads on videos on YouTube, there are now more channels for businesses to target than ever before. Therefore, it’s become somewhat of a difficult skill to master. However, restaurant marketing is a tricky thing to master because small and local restaurants wouldn’t benefit from millions of followers on social media if none of their followers are located within a 15-mile radius of their establishment.

One restaurant marketing technique has always been a tried and true of restaurateurs – promotional products.

The Basics of Restaurant Marketing with Promo Products

Advances in digital marketing have been astronomical, so many people now assume that traditional methods of marketing are outdated. This is totally is false. Especially for businesses that rely on local customers – like restaurants, hairdressers, dog walkers, etc. – traditional forms of marketing are still very much in the spotlight.

Promotional products are everyday items that have your name, logo, or branding all across them. This could be a pen, shirt, cap, mug, notebook, calendar, bag, or anything along these lines. As long as they’re useful, they can be a successful marketing tool. That’s why we also see office promo products such as business card holders, address books, rulers, erasers, and desk accessories.

A culinary set up with blank, custom imprintable products, to show how promo products can be part of an effective restaurant marketing strategy.

It’s important to invest in custom printed promotional products for your restaurant – they help get the word out about your delicious cuisine as well as give customers something memorable to use in daily life. Thoughtful and practical promotional products are an essential part of an effective restaurant marketing plan.

Benefits of Promo Products

Why should you be interested in spending money and giving away free items to your guests? Let’s find out!

First and foremost, everybody loves a free item now and then. Therefore, everybody loves a company that gives away these free products – this is particularly the case when they serve a practical purpose. When we’re given something for free, it makes us feel good, and we appreciate the brand that little bit more. If your customers have already had an excellent evening dining at your restaurant, that’ll be the cherry on top.

Secondly, your promotional product target market represents your traditional mailing list. These are people that have already shown an interest in your restaurant’s brand. Not only that, they’re already engaging with your brand which means they know other people in your target demographic. If you give a customer a branded pen, all their friends are going to see this, and your name gets around.

Next, customers are losing touch with brick and mortar businesses every day. Because companies are increasingly choosing to communicate online, people are craving that physical interaction and promotional products can be the bridge everybody needs. As you interact with them on a physical level, you grab their attention not only now but for the future too.

As long as the item has a use, you’ll receive a sustained period of exposure. Of course, your customers will be reminded to revisit your restaurant because they had so much fun the first time. In addition to this, promotional products offer the added benefit because other people see the item and take note. With people talking about your restaurant’s brand, you continue to get exposure years down the line from just one pen or notepad.

Finally, all the statistics suggest this is a winning restaurant marketing tactic. For example, three in every four advertisers attribute success to promotional products, 60% of people keep promotional products for up to 24 months, over 50% of individuals use promotional products once a week (conservative), and only 20% throw the free item in the trash after receiving it.

Quick Tips

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to promotional products, and they actually allow your brand to grow in the largest market of all: your community, town, region, and home. If you’re to get this right though, we recommend a couple of things.

Firstly, your item must appeal to your restaurant’s niche otherwise it just won’t work. If you’re handing out USB drives to a less technologically proficient demographic, you aren’t going to see as much success as if you gave them a pen or notepad. With the younger generations, you can lean towards the technological items and wearable devices because they’re more likely to appeal to your audience. Remember, you need to choose items that appeal to the people interested in your restaurant.

Make your restaurant’s logo as big and colorful as possible. While keeping consistent with the branding used in your restaurant marketing, both in your establishment and online, you need your message to be clear as opposed to having people struggle to read your name. A memorable logo is essential. With these two tips, you can succeed with promo products this year and your business will reap the rewards.

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