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A colorful array of restaurant t-shirts hanging on a rack.

Restaurant Souvenir T-Shirts

The idea of restaurants using their patrons as mobile advertising via branded merchandise like bags and t-shirts isn’t new or unheard of.  It’s an oldie but a goodie. Nearly everyone has a branded shirt of some kind, either from a concert, from a particular company’s fundraising event, or from a business we admire or support. One example of this is the restaurant t-shirt. If customers love your establishment, they can show it by wearing your t-shirt and show others their affinity for your food, culture, and atmosphere. Sometimes, customers might buy your restaurant t-shirts because of their interesting, cool, or quirky design. Whatever reason your patrons choose to wear your branded shirt, they’re contributing to your restaurant’s marketing success.

Restaurant t-shirts might even be the new concert tee. The 21st century and social media have brought food culture to the forefront of public attention.
In the same way that restaurant t-shirts are becoming more popular, it is still very common to walk through a public place like a shopping mall and see T-shirts announcing a concert staged by The Beatles, Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Nirvana, or Josh Groban. It doesn’t even matter that in the case of The Beatles, those concerts would have occurred more than 50 years ago – they still connect us in some way with the original craze that occurred at the time.

The New Concert T-Shirts

These days, it seems that the new concert T-shirts are those depicting our favorite restaurants and eateries from around the country and the world. This is especially true for young people who understand the importance of food and its surrounding social media culture, who see restaurants as a quintessential part of modern youth identity – these shirts demonstrate a broadened worldview, almost like a travel postcard.

If you have any doubt about the popularity of restaurant T-shirts today, it’s only necessary to do a quick Internet search on the topic to find a whole slew of thoughtfully designed and aesthetically appealing t-shirts from various eateries and coffee shops. If you’re a person who has the luxury of engaging in a little bit of globetrotting, your collection of restaurant T-shirts might get to be very impressive indeed.

Many restaurants in this country and abroad are only too happy to sell their own T-shirts, since anyone purchasing them literally becomes a walking advertisement for their establishment, as well as their goods and services.

A stack of restaurant t-shirts in various colors.

Are restaurant t-shirts the new concert tee? Food culture is becoming increasingly popular and and relevant these days. A promotional shirt from your eatery shows you’re dedicated to showing your patrons a good time, and that you are connected to the local food community and food culture at large.

What Restaurant T-Shirts Say About You

People who wear blank, mono-color T-Shirts aren’t really trying to say anything with their choice of clothing other than the fact that they’re comfortable wearing a T-Shirt in public. When you wear a shirt with a political statement on it, you might have a genuine interest in supporting one side or the other of a given political question, and you’re hoping the rest of the world will side with you.

Funny T-Shirts with a humorous image or saying on them tell observers that you have a sense of humor and that you’re willing to share it with others. Who knows? A cool t-shirt might even determine your cool factor.

Wearing a restaurant t-Shirt tells both friends and passersby that you had a great experience at a particular eatery, either with great food, excellent service, or both. It also says that you enjoyed yourself so much that you recommend everyone go there to try it for themselves, as your contribution to food and local, or even international, culture.

Effectiveness of T-Shirt Advertising

There are some advantages to T-Shirt advertising that make it more appealing than many other types of promotions, which sometimes make it more valuable and effective. Unlike billboards, flyers, and other forms of advertising, T-Shirts travel with the wearer, and on any given day, might go anywhere.

In addition, T-Shirts can be worn over and over, so that the message reaches the public for as long as the shirt remains viable, and as long as the owner continues to support the subject restaurant. By investing in the cost of a batch of T-Shirts one time, a restaurant owner can reach an untold number of individuals during the lifespan of the shirt, as long as the owner chooses to keep wearing it.

The wearing of your restaurant T-Shirts shouldn’t even be limited to customers who have enjoyed themselves at your establishment – your employees should be wearing them too. Patrons who notice that all employees at a restaurant are wearing the same T-Shirt recognize that as professionalism, and pride in their work. That’s all good press for your business, and contributes to the perception that yours is a restaurant worth patronizing – often.

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